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Written By Chris Boud
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Finding a robust eCommerce platform is a must for online retailers if they are to scale,  and provide customers with superior experiences. SAP Commerce Cloud (formerly known as Hybris) is becoming the platform of choice for many.  The software has surged in popularity recently, with a 46% year-on-year increase in uptake in 2024 Q1. 1

SAP Commerce Cloud is feature-rich, however some aspects lack the specialist capabilities that brands need. 

The platform’s standard promotion extension is a prime example. 

In this post, we’ll see how integrating SAP Commerce Cloud with a powerful Promotion Experience Platform can take your promotional marketing campaigns from ordinary, to extraordinary.

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SAP Commerce Cloud’s promotion Engine: Limitations

Limited campaign types: SAP Commerce Cloud, while being undeniably valuable to many eCommerce businesses, has been termed a “monolith” or a “one-size-fits-all” solution.2

In particular, many marketers find themselves hindered by the platform’s in-built promotion software, feeling that it fails to keep pace with their creative vision, or strategic goals. 

SAP Commerce Cloud does allow businesses to generate, run, and manage digital offers. However, like the majority of promotion engines on the market, it can only focus on standard promotion use-cases, for example order, or product-based, discounts and promotions. 

SAP Commerce Cloud lacks the capability to deal with, for example, loyalty and affiliate  management, customisable gift card options, or advanced bundling. 


Lack of exclusivity: While SAP Commerce Cloud’s promotion engine offers the ability to implement wholly personalised campaigns, the difficulty and time lost in doing so makes it difficult to carry out scalably. In line with other promotion engines available, its promotion module lacks the ability to deliver unique, single-use codes at scale. 

This can lead to code leakage, and instances where codes are used fraudulently, leading to inaccurate attribution, and significant additional expense.


Lack of customisation and control: Customisation is possible, but only with extensive development work. SAP Commerce Cloud’s scale, and large client portfolio, make it unlikely that any big updates will be initiated by any individual businesses’ request alone. 

New features can only be developed if SAP decides to include them in a new release. Unfortunately, the cost of creating new features individually can be overwhelming, and take a surprisingly long time to implement. 


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Why Uniqodo provides a more agile promotion solution:

Uniqodo’s Promotion Experience platform allows you to move past SAP Commerce Cloud’s limitations, and take full control of your promotional campaigns. 

By integrating SAP Commerce Cloud with Uniqodo’s specialist software you can implement changes easily, quickly, and cost-effectively. You can experiment with new ideas, and optimise campaigns in real-time. All without having to rely on developer support. 

The untapped potential of promotion engines

While the software stack you currently use can help you manage affiliate campaigns, it may lack key attributes that are central to maximising the potential of your valuable eCommerce partnerships. 

Uniqodo’s Promotion Experience Platform helps you unleash the full potential of your existing tech. Whether you currently use a promotion engine, affiliate platform, or cross-marketing software, Uniqodo can integrate with your current systems, to help you streamline, and strengthen your eCommerce partnerships. 

Advanced promotions: Unlike standard promotions engines, Uniqodo can generate, run, and manage all types of sophisticated promotions, including discount promotions, gift cards, referrals, loyalty programs, diminishing discounts, and gamification campaigns.

No developer downtime: Uniqodo is the kind of promotions-as-a-service that doesn’t require coding from scratch. Its user-friendly UI means that marketeers can create and manage their promotional campaigns without having to spend unnecessary time developing an already extensive tech stack, or get input from developers. 

Harness the power of personalisation: With Uniqodo, users with little-to-no developer experience can quickly add custom data to build specific promotion flows and rules, so you can create, extend, manage, and personalise your campaigns to your hearts’ content. This is important, since companies that get personalisation right can expect to increase overall revenue by 10-15%.3

You can distribute offers based on granular criteria, and deliver varied rewards tailored to individual customer data. This level or personalisation works to increase conversions, and improve customer satisfaction levels.


Case study: How Uniqodo slashed administration costs for EE 

The success story of EE illustrates the transformative power of Uniqodo within the SAP Commerce Cloud ecosystem. 

The problem: SAP was presenting EE with the challenges of fragmentation and rigidity. It was taking two people ten days to implement product changes and pricing updates on their 1,500 + partners’ multi-use codes.

Solution: Uniqodo designed, and coded, an extra layer to EE’s existing system, to help EE restructure how multi-use codes were allocated to each partner. 

Result: By integrating with Uniqodo, EE can now make changes almost instantaneously, and have removed more than 95% of admin overheads. There is also no burden on publishing partners, with no need for them to update products, or make any pricing changes. Tracking and attributing campaign success has also become far easier.

Elevate your promotions: Give your developers a break

By integrating with Uniqodo, your dev team no longer has to spend precious time developing, integrating, learning, and managing new solutions for your promotions engine. 

  • Developer-friendly: Uniqodo’s UI enables marketeers to create and manage promotions without needing help from developers. Plus, you can easily plug Uniqodo into your stack, cutting development time by weeks or even months.
  • Flexibility: Integrating Uniqodo won’t affect any other parts of your systems, and you can introduce campaign changes, via a user-friendly interface with no need for I.T. to get involved.
  • Uniqodo is a SaaS software that can quickly adapt to your needs. 
  • Cut down on costs: By working with Uniqodo, you can make product updates and changes to your system manually, reducing the overall administrative burden. This could save you up to 95% in admin costs.* 

*Find out how we were able to help EE achieve this exact number in our case study linked above! 

An effortless way to greater customisation

At Uniqodo we realise that continuity is a big concern for eCommerce companies. The prospect of onboarding new systems brings with it a fear of disruption, and the follow-on threat to customer experience, and revenue. 

Luckily, since SAP Commerce Cloud is based on open APIs, it can be quickly integrated with third-party solutions such as Uniqodo. You can rapidly transition your organisation to a better customer-facing solution, and have the option to make individual strategy changes and optimisations right away. 

It’s incredibly simple to onboard our software and import customer, product, and campaign data, via API (or JavaScript). We also offer full technical support, and you have the option of  building a Promotion Experience Platform that allows users to operate on custom business data in any format. 

SAP Commerce Cloud and Uniqodo: The perfect combination

SAP Commerce Cloud and Uniqodo can together provide you with the epitome of innovation and reliability. 

SAP’s eCommerce platform empowers you to deliver personalised omnichannel experiences at scale, while Uniqodo’s unique cutting-edge technology enhances your marketing strategies, via advanced promotional capabilities, and agile campaign management.

Whether you’re exploring new avenues for promotional campaigns, or looking to optimise your existing strategies, Uniqodo’s unique integration capabilities ensure you a seamless transition, minimal downtime, and boosted ROIs.


Innovation and integration: The formula for success 

In the realm of eCommerce, integration is the cornerstone of innovation. New customer touchpoints, deep personalisation and smart targeting are difficult goals to achieve - especially when you have a legacy promotion system holding you back. 

Uniqodo's seamless integration with SAP Commerce Cloud offers you the opportunity to transcend these limitations, and achieve greater success with your promotions. 

Are you ready to revolutionise your promotional marketing strategy? Get in touch to learn more about how Uniqodo can complement your SAP Commerce Cloud solutions, and propel your business to new heights.





















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