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Written By Chris Giddins
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Coupon marketing campaigns are quickly becoming a staple of ecommerce and high street shopping. But bog-standard vouchers won’t cut it anymore. 79% of customers expect personalisation from promotions. You need to consider your messaging to get the kind of ROI you need. 

Generic codes also leave you exposed to the risk of promo code misuse. If you want to make sure that your codes are used by the right people for the right reasons, you need single-use code. These same codes provide analytic insights that will help you iterate and improve your campaign, and let you take personalisation to the next level. 

Creating unique, personalised codes, however, can create significant administrative costs. You need software tools that integrate with your CRM to pull personalised information and automate the creation of vouchers. But which software tools are the best? 

Here, we are going to go over some of the most innovative and powerful unique promo code tools on the market — letting you get ready for 2023 and beyond. 



BigCommerce is an American ecommerce platform provider founded in 2009 in Austin, TX. It offers a comprehensive suite of solutions including theme and checkout customisation, mobile customisation and Wordpress integrations. Together, these options make BigCommerce a flexible tool that’s great for those who want a channel-agnostic approach and don’t have a whole lot of time to spare. 

The BigCommerce platform has a comprehensive and easy to use coupon code management system that allows users to create their own unique coupon codes. The code can be combined with discount rules or free shipping promotions. Users can limit the number of coupon uses, impose a minimum spend before a coupon can be released, set expiry dates and have granular control over which customers are sent unique promotional codes. 

BigCommerce also helps existing brands boost their online visibility with a host of SEO services including page speed boosting solutions, and (of course) promotional codes. 

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If you operate within the ecommerce space, Magento likely needs no introduction. It is one of the most popular and trusted ecommerce platforms on the planet and a staggering 1% of the whole internet is powered by Magento with over 250,000 active merchants currently using it as their platform. Of all the top 10,000 online stores in the world, 16% are powered by Magento.

Infinitely scalable, part of Magento’s appeal is its ability to suit businesses of all shapes and sizes. With a comprehensive suite of features, it stands to reason that Magento’s platform has the capacity to generate and distribute unique randomly generated coupon codes. 

Magento’s coupon code management system puts brands in the driving seat, giving them the ability to generate and manage large batches of unique coupon codes. Users can establish complete control over the conditions under which coupon codes can be generated and used. 

Magento offers fully automated coupon code creation and formatting and codes can be exported to any other platform (or deleted altogether) with ease. Analytics tools allow you to see which coupons are performing best and facilitate A/B testing to ensure you’re leveraging codes effectively.

Because it’s such a huge and ubiquitous brand, there’s a great deal of support both from the platform’s dedicated support service and the huge community of expert Magento users. 



Established in 2010, Easypromos is a highly scalable and customisable platform began life as a simple promotional application for Facebook. In the (almost) decade since, it has expanded to offer users a comprehensive range of over 20 different types of promotions including giveaways, contests, quizzes, surveys, and loyalty programs. All of which can be integrated into a wide range of platforms and are readily accessible on all kinds of mobile and desktop devices.

The platform offers great latitude when it comes to designing, generating and distributing unique voucher codes. These can be verified instantly and users have complete control under the conditions under which codes are valid. 

Best of all, the platform affords lots of cool creative resources like the Broadcast Mode which allows you to announce winners of contests and other special promotions with dramatic videos with music and sound effects. A great way to add a sense of occasion to your promotions. 

It’s got an impressive pedigree and is used by such well-known brands as Nestle, Epson, Avon and The Hard Rock Cafe. With basic packages starting at less than  $20 USD a month and a free demo available, it’s certainly worth investigating no matter what your business size, needs and budget. 



If you’re looking for an accessible, user friendly platform that’ll allow you to get started creating unique promo codes right away, Voucherify is a great choice. This API-first, cloud-based promotion management platform may be one of the newest kids on the block, but it offers a comprehensive suite of features which should more than satisfy most businesses. Established in 2015, Voucherify is run by a small team in Poland, and offers a comprehensive suite of solutions aimed at helping brands to incentivise customer loyalty.

Voucherify makes creating unique voucher codes easy. With a lot of scope for personalisation, the solution is suited for modern ecommerce. Voucherify is currently used to generate over 2 million coupons codes every single month with 1 million redemptions spread out over 48 countries. With a commendable 99.9% uptime, it’s among the most reliable and user friendly solutions out there. 

Indeed, Voucherify’s USP is its emphasis on simplicity and ease of use for nascent ecommerce businesses while still providing robust functionality for businesses of all shapes and sizes. “Out of the box” integrations are plentiful allowing brands to get started with promotions across email, social platforms, SMS and live chat. 

Promotional codes are just the tip of the iceberg, too. They can be used as part of a fully customisable loyalty program which encompasses cart level promotions and digital gift certificates as well as multi-level referral promos for getting those influencers on side.  There are also pre-built widgets for distribution and redemption of codes, while code-canny users can create their very own.



Uniqodo was founded with one simple aim: to help businesses of all kinds harness the awesome power of unique single-use promotional codes. Uniqodo is our product, so we obviously think it delivers something of value. It’s simple to use, but powerful — allowing for the automated delivery of unique, personalised promotions. 

Our business model is built to address the traditional pain points associated with the use of promo codes such as misuse and lack of uptake due to poor (or no) personalisation. Although Uniqodo has only been around since 2015, the platform has already amassed a range of high-profile advocates including Avis, TUI, SimplyBe and Boots. 

Implementation is simple, even for the smallest business. Scalability means that Uniqodo grows with you, and advanced discounting functionalities allow for creative promotions that will work for any eCommerce site, regardless of platform. API-first tools provide businesses with everything they need to create, manage, distribute and track promotional codes. 

Users are free to determine their own validation rules, while data-driven discounts can be used to leverage a range of criteria-based promotions. The scope for personalisation is virtually unlimited. This means that whoever your target audience is, or whatever customers you’re trying to lure toward (or back to) your business, you can create unique promo codes designed to appeal to them. 

Checking in on how your codes perform is easy too. The platform has a comprehensive yet easy-to-use suite of analytics and allows for A/B testing so that you need never be stuck with a dud code. 

Uniqodo has various price points for users with different needs. Each tier varies in its redemption allowances and functionalities. Nonetheless, whatever level you choose, you get unlimited access to a dedicated Client Success Team. The automated simplicity, scalability, personalised flexibility and customer service are Uniqodo’s stand out points.   

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Now’s the perfect time to find the best fit for your brand

Whatever it is you want to promote or whomever you want to promote to, these resources will give you everything you need to do it. Don’t be afraid to experiment to find the best fit for the unique needs of your enterprise. 

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