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Written By Julius Somoye
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Uniqodo has today announced its partnership with Dotdigital, a leading Customer Experience and Data Platform. Dotdigital’s new EasyEditor extension will allow joint users to display Uniqodo’s single-use coupon codes and promotions in their email campaigns, as well as on key landing pages.

Julius Somoye, Co-Founder and CTO at Uniqodo, stated:

“Delivering the right promotion to the right audience at the right time plays an important role in ensuring the success of a marketing campaign.

The Uniqodo and Dotdigital partnership unlocks a wealth of opportunities for our joint clients by allowing them to engage their customers with relevant promotions and incentives to ensure every campaign delivers on its business objectives.”

When consumers are hesitant to spend, it’s crucial to send them the right marketing promotions, at the right time. Uniqodo and Dotdigital have worked together to allow marketers to easily drag and drop unique coupon codes and promotions in their campaigns. 


Optimise the customer journey

Dotdigital and Uniqodo’s partnership will allow marketing and promotions experts to:

  • Add coupon codes to email campaigns: this could include welcome journeys, win-back programs, happy birthday, or abandoned cart emails.

  • Direct customers to a promotional landing page: this landing page will contain a unique coupon code for customers that meet the promotions criteria.

  • Display coupon codes on confirmation pages: when someone fills in a form or completes a survey, they are presented with a unique code.

  • Automatic code sending: send coupon codes to contacts based on data gathered from other integrations.

Clients can either import coupon codes from their eCommerce platform, or use Uniqodo's eCommerce promotion engine to generate secure, single-use codes. Unlike bulk codes, these promotional codes are unique and cannot be re-used online, meaning your ROI is protected from the dangers of code leakages and over-discounting.

Suggested reading: Explore our free resource, ‘What Winning Your Promotional Strategy Looks Like’, to learn more about how code-based promotion tactics can drive ROI and long-term growth.


Provide relevant, engaging promotions

The Uniqodo Dotdigital integration will allow brands to unlock the full potential of their eCommerce data, so that they can send the right marketing campaigns to the right people at the right time. Julia Neuhold, Head of Product Marketing at Dotdigital, acknowledges the achievement of this partnership:

“There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits all approach to marketing campaigns - especially when it comes to promotions. With Dotdigital’s new EasyEditor extension with Uniqodo, we’re really happy to be giving our joint clients the power to send specific, relevant promotions to contacts based on how they interact with the brand.

Helping our clients to use customer and eCommerce data effectively is super important to us at Dotdigital. We can’t wait to see the Uniqodo app block in action for our clients.”

Check out the Dotdigital website to learn more about their email marketing and automation services.


Experience Uniqodo

Uniqodo’s Promotion Engine provides clients with secure, single-use codes that allow them to stay in control of their promotions, and drive engagement, conversions and retention across their site.

Our Promotion Experience Platform further enhances user experiences by integrating recommendations and targeted messaging across the customer journey.

Book a discovery call today to discuss how we can help you transform your promotions.

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