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Written By Chris Giddins
5 minute read

With eCommerce now heralded as mainstream, and more and more businesses opening digital stores and D2C digital experiences, online shopping is always going to be growing and evolving. So too, therefore, should your CRO strategies in order to drive conversions.

Alongside good conversion rate tactics, you need the capability to deliver, and this is where tools come in. Whether that’s a website UX optimisation solution, a promotions platform (what we here at Uniqodo provide) or even a more sophisticated reporting tool, finding the solution to increase your conversion rates is essential. 

In this article, we’ll cover some top conversion rate optimisation tools that will deliver the outcomes eCommerce brands need to stand out in the saturated online market. 



Formed in 2012, Contentsquare is a UX optimisation platform and provides a tool to measure digital performance, all with the goal for brands to improve the online experience for users.



  1. Provides large sets of data by capturing 100% of users’ data by default

  2. Offers unique metrics such as what’s missing on a page and how far people scroll

  3. Allows you to visualise user data through the use of focused behaviour tools

  4. Experience the user’s perspective using heatmaps and recordings

  5. Set up page or metric AI alerts on every element on your website



  1. Depending on your needs, Contentsquare’s features like recordings and heatmaps provide data on how your users are browsing your site but not necessarily why — you may need to pair this data with other tools to learn this

  2. Can’t hide other users’ content, meaning the tool can appear cluttered

  3. Can require training to improve navigation and learn functionality

  4. More geared towards broader analysis


Price: Tailored to your business needs (no free trial).

Is this tool for you?: If you’re an enterprise looking for broader analytics and easy-to-consume data about your digital performance, Contentsquare could be the CRO tool for you. 


Google Analytics

Google is Google, so you automatically know that this tool gets a lot of attention, especially the free version. In its first week in 2005, 100,000 accounts were created, and by 2015, the platform was used by 50 million. Google Analytics allows you to pull the data and information that only a tech company as large as Google can acquire.



  1. See how long it takes for website visitors to move between your pages, if they complete paths and where they find you (including through keywords and visitor devices)

  2. Partners with Google’s advertising, publisher products and Google Ads

  3. Create custom goals and reports

  4. Displays real-time customer traffic data

  5. Option to rank your pages by popularity



  1. Doesn’t link specific email contacts to your site visitors

  2. The upgraded version has been reported to be overwhelming to navigate

  3. Need to upgrade for higher web traffic

  4. The premium version (Google Analytics 360) is an expensive £115,000 a year

  5. The focus is on whether your page is popular or not rather than why


Price: Free (Standard) or £115,000 a year (Premium)

Is this tool for you?: Small to medium businesses looking to access more basic analytics will find Google a great fit. But using other CRO tools, like a UX optimisation tool or promotions platform, to complement this one is the real key to unlocking your data and implementing actionable insights that will ultimately improve your customer experience. 

Maximise conversions - eBook



Uniqodo is a Managed Promotions Platform that delivers end-to-end Promotion UX, combining all the sophistication of a unique code promotion engine plus promotion activation solutions to further drive conversion.  

Part SaaS, part consultancy, Uniqodo brings together robust coupon management software and a team of Promotion engineers to build bespoke solutions to every client challenge. Every challenge we solve is a new feature that’s added to the platform, which is why ROI and optimisation is in our DNA — we only ever build solutions that answer real-world challenges. After winning an award from PerformanceIn for best customer conversion platform, we’d be remiss not to (somewhat biasly!) include our own platform on this list. 



  1. Complete promotional control with unique, single or multi-use codes to prevent sharing or leaking

  2. A/B test promotional campaigns to see what works best for your customers

  3. End-to-end promotion UX from code discovery, to onsite and checkout to drive increased conversion rates for all your promotional marketing activity 

  4. Enable partnerships with affiliates, referral platforms, rewards portals and influencers easily and effectively 

  5. Create advanced promotional campaigns, with the use of features that include limited-time discounts, gamification tactics and sophisticated validation criteria

  6. Allows for easy integration and provides personalisation features


  1. Not a traditional CRO platform, so it doesn’t offer comprehensive analytics — it’s more focused on promotional performance

  2. Does not offer a broad range of CRO tools such as heatmaps, content creation, customer journey mapping or site optimisation

  3. A wide range of service options that you need to understand

  4. Out of the box functionality, but best configured with specialist support


Price: Tiers available include Supported at £1,000 a month, and Managed at £3,000 a month. If that doesn’t meet your needs, Uniqodo also offers enterprise level custom pricing, tailored to your business needs. Get in touch

Is this tool for you?: Businesses who want to take their promotional strategy to the next level with the help of professional and knowledgeable consultants will benefit most from a platform like this.  Uniqodo can maximise each visitor’s potential to convert with personalised and engaging promotions.  


do you need a promotions engine cta


AB Tasty

AB Tasty believes experimentation and personalisation should be quick and easy. Their customer experience optimisation tool helps brands improve the user experience and helps increase conversions. 



  1. Unlimited experiments that can be set to overlap or not

  2. Provides features such as advanced targeting, content personalisation, A/B and multivariate testing and audience segmentation

  3. Validate best practices using widgets feature

  4. Allows for real-time changes

  5. Intuitive and easy-to-use interface

  6. Customer-focused support provided, so problems are quickly solved



  1. Doesn’t easily integrate with Google Analytics (needs code development)

  2. Working with dynamic elements can become complicated

  3. Harder to navigate and use to its full potential when managing many different websites


Price: Custom pricing. Three tiers available: Essentials, Growth, and Elite. (No free trial).

Is this tool for you?: For any company looking to improve their user experience, AB tasty can provide a variety of features and the support necessary to help achieve this. 



Dan Siroker founded Optimizely in 2009 with the specific goal to make it easy for anyone to execute successful A/B testing and optimise experimentation and conversions as a result. As well as its intelligent yet accessible A/B testing, Optimizely offers multivariate tests and full, robust reports of test results. 



  1. Good control group, large samples and significant statistics

  2. Conducts tests across all devices and platforms — mobile, TV and IoT apps

  3. Personalisation features

  4. Collects all tests in a single interface — multiple people can view tests

  5. Can send practice emails



  1. Inaccessible pricing structures and a high price point

  2. Slower rendering and loading time

  3. High volume of website visitors requires a higher price


Price: Varies, contact for pricing. Reported between £27,000 and £150,000.

Is this tool for you?: If your need for testing is small or simple, or if you’re only working with a few pages, Optimizely is probably too expensive for you. However, if you have a large number of complex tests to run with a higher budget and a focus on intricate personalisation strategies, Optimizely could be for you. 


Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg specialises in uncovering the details of user behaviour to show you what your customers need to convert. It does this with unique, visual heatmap software and other advanced tools.



  1. Ranks content in order of customer preference

  2. Pinpoints areas of customer frustration, including glitches to avoid customers leaving your page without converting

  3. Real-time and updated data on page interaction

  4. A/B testing tool.

  5. Session recordings of real site visits to discover preferences. This includes mouse tracking — gives you the chance to discover how far down visitors scroll.



  1. Collecting effective statistics takes 30 days or more — use for multiple months for actionable results.

  2. Lacks filters.


Price: £18.28 - £189.63 a month.

Is this tool for you?: Crazy Egg is a great option if you’re looking for in-depth analytics at an inexpensive price (even at its highest). It really delivers on its real-time data and multiple features.


Take CRO tools to the next level

Succeeding in retail right now requires understanding your consumer behaviour and anticipating their needs. Knowing how to increase your conversion rates in 2020 will also encourage customers to convert more. 

There’s huge value in investing in the right tech tool for you. You’ll be far more likely to convert more — a sure way of elevating your business results. 

And there’s a step further. Once you’ve interpreted consumer behaviour with your CRO tool, you can apply your findings. A great way to do that is with a Promotions Engine where you can use your testing results to influence how you target customers with personalised and unique promo codes. By partnering your CRO tools with other tech like this, you’re well on your way to increasing your conversion rates.

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