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Annual Promotions Report

Retail Promotion Strategies

Peak Trading 2020: creating standout during the Pandemic

Christmas Trading in 2020 I can’t decide whether this year is running fast or slow th...

Retail Promotion Strategies

How to Build Your Own Promotional Infrastructure: Is It Worthwhile?

A solid promotional marketing strategy requires promotional infrastructure that you c...

Retail Promotion Strategies

Using eCommerce platforms for promotions: What they can and cannot do

Whether your business should utilise promotional marketing strategies is no longer up...

Retail Promotion Strategies

Promo campaigns in CRM platforms: Does it work in 2022?

There’s no doubt you’ll be able to successfully run a promotional marketing campaign ...

Retail Promotion Strategies

4 ways online retailers can prevent revenue loss in 2022

Digital retail opportunities are on the rise. 39% of UK consumers have been encourage...

Retail Promotion Strategies

How to build a successful promotional marketing campaign

Promotional marketing has become a critical element of online sales. Customers are ge...

Retail Promotion Strategies

How to improve ecommerce conversion rates in 2022

Increasing conversion rates is a critical element of online sales — after all, gettin...

Retail Promotion Strategies

Infographic: 3 opportunities and pitfalls of retail discounting

If you don’t have a promo code strategy, you aren’t playing the right game. 75% of co...

Retail Promotion Strategies

How personalisation changed retail: 2010-2020 roundup

While still very much a new contender in the grand scheme of retail, a look back at t...

Retail Promotion Strategies

Are sales seasons dead? Automation, data and promotional strategies in 2022

Sales seasons have been peak times of profit almost since retail began. Certainly, po...