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14 eCommerce brands that hit their promotions for six.

Travel Industry

Navigating the travel trading winds of 2020

Over a crossword and a sandwich on Bank Holiday Monday, I was listening to ‘You and Y...

Travel Industry

Can travel brands save the summer? How to optimise opportunities

COVID-19 has disrupted the travel industry — to say the least. Air travel is down by ...

Travel Industry

How customer advocacy will shape and rebuild the travel industry

Because of COVID-19, the travel industry is in a state of crisis. Of course, the curr...

Travel Industry

Why customer loyalty will be key for the travel industries rebirth post COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted many industries, but travel is probably topping that list. Ever...

Travel Industry

How the travel industry will bounce back after COVID-19

There’s no question that times are tough for the travel industry. The COVID-19 pandem...

Travel Industry

A guide to rapidly rebuilding revenue in 2023 for travel brands

Prior to COVID-19, travel industry market indicators were positive with a forecasted ...

Travel Industry

Essential digital marketing tools for the travel industry in 2023 and beyond

COVID-19 may have the travel industry on lockdown, along with the rest of the world. ...

Travel Industry

5 ways travel brands can maintain customer engagement during the coronavirus

With the world gripped by COVID-19, travel brands face greater uncertainty than most ...

Travel Industry

Key technologies for travel brands weathering the pandemic

At a time when trusted news resources are predicting travel industry job losses of 50...

Travel Industry

5 steps for airlines to survive the travel embargo

The number of daily flights has fallen by over 100,000 since the WHO named COVID-19 a...

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